A FIFA 19 Career Mode Guide

With FIFA 19 on the way, many fans are eager to get their hands on as much content as they can. One of the ways to do that is to use mods. This is similar to the traditional mods for games such as Guitar Hero. Where you upload your own music or sound chip and compete with others who have the same chip. But the scope is much larger and far more interesting. The possibility of being able to fully customize your game.

To appreciate the full potential of FIFA 19 modding,

consider the possibilities available for FIFA 19 on the Nintendo Switch. Firstly, there are no limits to the kinds of customization you can apply to the game mode. In fact, the Switch uses the very same internet connection as the console itself. So you can have a customizable game mode regardless of whether you’re playing using a regular PC or a Switch. And that’s just one example of how you can use mods for FIFA 19 on the Nintendo Switch. There are literally hundreds of different mods out there, many of them taking advantage of the Switch’s portability.

One of the most popular mods for FIFA 19 is the Fixtures and competitions section. This enables you to set up all sorts of tournaments, from the traditional Champions League group stage right through to the exciting Group Stage. Every matchup against fellow teams in the competition spread across the four different platforms of the Switch. The real value of this is in the creativity you can display with this. You can create a competition based around any type of football, with any kind of competition rules; it could even be based around a specific team, or around a format, such as the dreaded cup final. In fact, the only thing limiting your options with this is the speed of the internet in your location. So if you don’t have an internet connection fast enough for the game mode, you won’t be able to enjoy it.

The transfer and handling of players have

also been made much easier with a simple touch of the button. Allowing you to import existing players from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox Ones. Even better is the fact that the Switch enables you to use playing managers who you already know inside out; this is because the Switch has a simplified form of voice chat. Which saves you a lot of time and trouble. You can also use voice chat with your friends on the platform. Which is a great feature in and of itself. You can also send text messages and post on the internet. Though at this point we’re restricting our discussion to the online modes. Where you will probably be spending a lot of time. These days, the screen is big enough for you to get a real feel for playing FIFA 19. We’ll take a look at what that’s like.

Your Career Mode in FIFA 19 offers various options to customize your playing career, allowing you to create your own playing style and team selection. As you progress through the ranks, your players will move up too, meaning that you’ll constantly have several options available as you strive for success in the game mode. You compete against other teams in this mode. The results will reflect your achievements – but warn, the results do not show publicly. So you need to gain a reputation first. As you help your career, you unlock new items such as clothing, coaches, and facilities, and these can help you to build your reputation before moving onto the next division.

When you play the single-player campaign in FIFA 19,

you begin with only one team and one player. You are given a limited number of leagues to choose from – the European Cup, the Intertoto Cup, the UEFA Cup, and the FA Amateur Cup. Players access to a limited amount of equipment, and only certain players allow to wear the shirts, which is disappointing. On your journey through the rankings, the difficulty increases, giving you more options to customize your career. If you wish to go beyond Division One, the model gives you greater freedom in how far you go – you can even elect to play for an entire international team!

A new feature introduced into the game mode in FIFA 19 is the transfer system. Teams give money to sign other players, who then play all seasons in their own league – earning points based on their performance. As a manager, you can use these points to buy players and transfer them between teams if you have earned the right to do so. Transfer costs in the league modes are very similar to those in the single-player modes – the only difference is that you can’t transfer existing managers to your squad, only new managers.


The most exciting element in FIFA 19 is the new feature called Career Mode. Here, you can design your own football career from the options available – a coach, a steward, a striker, a goalkeeper, a groundskeeper, a doctor, or even an agent. This fully-fledged career mode gives you more freedom than ever before, as you can shape your team around any position you want and create your own legacy at a club with your peers.

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