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Enjoy Playing World War Heroes Online


World War 2 shooters have gained immense popularity, and many veterans still play them to this day. I also one of them until I found out the truth about these games. I was addicted to playing them until I realized that they were nothing but time-wasting. I’ll tell you exactly what the problem with these games is.

When you start playing a new level

in any of these war games, you will prompt with an on-screen notification telling you that you have just reached the next level. Now here’s the catch, you have to pay real money to continue playing. That’s it! You do not have to buy ammo or spend time leveling up. And yes, you can kill easily, which defeats the purpose of playing. Plus, these games are all about realism, and this fact keeps many people from playing them.

Another issue with these games is that they don’t allow you to save your progress after you have finished a level. You can quit if you are not having fun, but you have to wait for 10 minutes before you can try again. This is not only a waste of time, but you will miss out on a lot of things that can be done in that time, like interacting with other players or earning rare items. These online time killers are also notorious for their technical difficulties.

A much better alternative for playing world war heroes

at the comfort of your home is playing them online. With most of these games, you are not restricted by time constraints like in the game. You can play as much as you want and whenever you want.

World of Warcraft is arguably the best-known and most popular online strategy game. It has a strong community of hundreds of thousands of players worldwide. I, too, enjoy playing it when I was in my teens but find it boring and uninteresting after a while. However, I learned from others that it is possible to have a healthy dose of fun while playing this game. Today, dozens of exciting games are available, design specifically for families and friends to enjoy playing together.

One of the most interesting games available today is

Age of War Heroes. In this game, you are a part of a team, and your goal is to protect the world from an impending attack. You have to choose each of your characters carefully, as they all have different strengths and weaknesses. You have to recruit other players to join your cause against the enemy, and you reward with points that you can use to buy upgrades for your chosen character.

Another game that you should check out online is Universe At War. Unlike most games, you are actually playing as an alien in this one. You are responsible for protecting your spaceship from an onslaught of marauding aliens. The graphics are excellent, and the sound effects are suitably varied. Playing this game will definitely give you a good dose of relaxation and entertainment, as well as a good dose of education as you learn more about the history of the universe.


There are several other games online today that you might find interesting. World of Warcraft, Command and Conquer 3, Age of War Heroes, and many more are waiting for you if you have an Internet connection and a credit card. With these entertaining games, you are sure to have an exciting time on the World Wide Web.

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