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Gardenscapes: Best Real Time Gardening Game


Gardenscapes is an addictive puzzle game developed by Playrix. It’s currently available on Facebook and mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. The game blends traditional match-3 mechanics with simulation elements, allowing users to enjoy their virtual gardens using their smartphone.

To begin, a player needs to

choose an image from their saved photo garden. Then, they access the main menu and select “Start Game”. From there, they can select “Create New Game,” where they will select a difficulty level, select their plants and choose a theme. A player’s progress is saved in the folder on their device. Players can switch back and forth between two gardens at any time. Gardenscapes has several unlockable themes that players can experiment with.

Once a player has selected a theme, they can then create their garden using the provided tools in the interface. Once the design is complete, they can access all of the gardenscapes on the device, where they can view all of their hard work and share it on the in-game social network. Gardenscapes allows players to post comments about the design of their gardens and even add friends who own gardens that they’ve designed. Additionally, players can play against other Facebook players and show off their gardens in various rankings depending on their performance.

Like other Facebook apps, Gardenscapes has

a few caveats. It requires that a device have at least android.4 devices because of a Java plugin that use for the Gameplay. There are currently no plans to bring Gardenscapes to Iphones or iPhone. In the meantime, Facebook users can play with other Facebook players through a garden match-3 levels system.

There are three types of Garden games available in the game: Challenges, Endless Gardens, and Mini Games. The most challenging garden game in the app is the Endless Gardens game, where players give unlimited options. Players can use flowers, plants, and boulders to plant the most vegetables and fruits in the shortest amount of time and earn points for their efforts. There are also other themed gardenscapes available through the app, allowing players to find other activities they can enjoy.

The third gardenscape app in the Gardenscapes series,

the butler is similar to the chef. Players create butlers that wander around the gardenscapes while collecting ingredients and delivering gifts to guests. The butler starts simple, as his only goal is to deliver the requested items to the guests in the fastest way possible. As the butler gathers ingredients, guests can call in for help. If the butler needs more help, players can call in their butler’s friends to help him along. Once the butler reaches level ten, he gets to hire a ghost to do some extra jobs for him.

Like the chef, the butler has many types of gardens to decorate. The app allows users to change the look of the whole garden at any time, changing the look and style of the garden as the user desires it. Also, gardenscapes have options such as changing the seasons. When a season is about to end, the app will make the garden grow flowers and plants again, making it more seasonal. There’re also options such as turning trees yellow, turning a garden into grassland, or turning the mountains into a desert.


In addition to these options, the app also gives its users the option of visiting other gardens in the area and interacting with other players in the area. For instance, players can post messages on forums and send other messages to other players through the in-game social network. This feature gives a player an experience similar to social networking sites like Facebook, where he can socialize with other people in real-time. Gardenscapes truly deserves the name of the best gardening application in the market because it gives so much to its users while at the same time satisfying their need for creativity.

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