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Golf Clash – What Sets It Apart?


Golf Clashes is a fun, interactive way to play the wonderful sport of golf. They have become somewhat of a phenomenon over the last year or so. Many different websites have sprouted up, offering players a chance to play an amazing game online against some of the best players in the world. Golf Clash seems to be one of the most popular games on these sites. Unfortunately for those who love to play this amazing game, there may be a problem getting as many people to visit the official Golf Clash site, so here is a quick guide to how long a Golf Clash season will last.

The official Golf Clash website tells us,

The average golf player should expect to play about forty-five minutes of game time over two weeks. This is based on the number of players competing, which can fluctuate depending on how many players have taken their complimentary chests and whether any cheats or hacks have been used. It’s also worth considering that this figure can change dramatically depending on how many players have taken their complimentary chests.

Each week, a new set of golf clubs and golf balls are added to the game. New features and options can also unlock by visiting the official site. These features include premade clubs and balls and customized shirts. A new feature is the ability to earn coins by using the My Friends tab. This enables players to buy items with their coins, which can then be spent on access to all the featured items.

A quick look at the forums reveals

that a big part of the Golf Clash audience comprises Facebook and Twitter users. So it seems reasonable to assume that many users playing the game are Facebook and Twitter lovers. The fact that the Facebook and Twitter logos are featured on every screen and every page of the game means that many more potential customers will be attracted by the appearance of these social media icons than by the quality of the golf clubs and golf balls found in the game. This also helps the game to reach its core demographic. Whether or not this represents a profitable market is down to debate, as profitability will depend on whether people will be spending money to access the content.

Overall, Golf Clash looks very similar to many other games that have been downloaded from Facebook. It certainly looks like it has many potentials, but as it happens, the game also has a lot of competition. As it turns out, three of its six highest downloads are from Facebook. This may be good news for Facebook and other Facebook-friendly companies, but for gamers, it suggests that there are plenty of ways to get hold of these top downloads without having to spend a single penny.

Golf Clash also has

one of the most interesting user interfaces I have seen on a computer program. The interface looks very ‘Zen’ and almost futuristic, and it really appeals to those with a keen interest in Facebook. It would be an interesting business opportunity for a company if they could crack the market for this top downloaded game. However, for those who love the game, it remains just another game, albeit one that reaches a whole new audience. The real question then is, why are so many people downloading it? The answer lies in its unique combination of simplicity and complexity.

One thing Golf Clash does better than many other games is its level of simulation. As a result, its players tend to become skilled quite quickly. Many players find that the real thrill comes in overcoming challenges and finishing higher scores than their friends. When you do that, it is challenging to imagine going back to playing against those same players again unless you happen to win some money. In fact, players can even transfer their high score to friends, should they feel the need to do so. Again, this encourages players to play more often, which means the game will remain competitive for many players.


Another feature that makes Golf Clash even more popular is unlocked some of the more obscure golf clubs. You can then use these clubs to study their characteristics and strengths and perhaps even buy them for your own use. This allows you to develop a strategy based on what works best for you. Unlocking some of these clubs also opens up getting rarer ones and thus potentially earning extra cash. This can cause a significant income increase, especially if you work hard enough to get a top prize.

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