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Grand Theft Auto Online: How To Avoid The scripted Events


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, also known as GTA San Andreas, follows the highly popular Grand Theft Auto: Vice City game. In contrast with the previous games, this one takes place in a fictional city called San Andreas. The game follows millionaire industrialist Sam Hanks’ return home after being away for several years.

After being enticed by several new women at his hotel,

Sam Hanks took away instead of being at his hotel. Instead of being in a safe place like the airport or a warehouse. Their helper finds themselves in the streets of the game’s world, at the center of a chaotic, dangerous city. They have to fight against an evil group of radicals. Including a pregnant woman who has decided to shoot all the local businessmen she can. And along the way, they encounter some of the game’s iconic characters, like the boss of the bikini shop, a couple of bank robbers, and others.

This game’s graphics and sound effects do quite well. However, they aren’t as impressive as they are (a point that holds even for the later games in the series). For example, instead of using the cel-shading that looks rather cartoonish in earlier installments. The use of high-definition ensures that each character makes distinct and quite believable. The textures and surfaces of the world are very detailed and realistic. Most of the characters’ clothing can use for any purpose – including making clothing items. Hanks plays the game with the same strong sense of humor and charisma in the earlier Grand Theft Auto games. But his role as the wisest and most sophisticated detective makes him completely lovable.

The game’s main storyline involves

investigating a series of crimes committed by the criminals using a vehicle that belongs to one of the protagonists. The methods of investigation always remain the same. With each case requiring a new twist: Franklin must find out if the vehicle was taken for the criminal’s personal use or some other purpose. He is assisted by an ex-cop named Franklin, who is now a wealthy businessman. Together, they crack many crimes, including the disappearance of a famous singer, an attempt to free America from Fascism, and even an attempt to stage a kidnapping to use the vehicle for terrorist activities.

GTA: Liberty City Stories follows the main plot of the previous games but twists it in a different direction. Instead of following the tale of Franklin and his partners, you instead get to know more about the city and its characters. For example, one of the characters in the game name Victor is a homosexual hustler who operates a ring of gambling houses using secret service agents. Another is the new FBI agent, easily the best character in the game (though not in this author’s opinion). He married, unlike the other characters who are straight.

Unlike the previous games,

the Grand Theft Auto storyline has no repetitive structure. Events are more varied, and you can’t expect the same events to happen over. For example, Franklin gets his own car – rather than a cop car, like in previous versions. Instead, he opts for a van that belongs to his friend. During the game, Franklin manages to steal the victim’s vehicle and is then gives the task of delivering the vehicle to his boss. The only way to get the job done is to ensure that the vehicle gets to its destination while avoiding the local police.

In addition to the aforementioned, there are plenty of side missions and challenges. Franklin can also try to recover vehicle parts for free or buy expensive vehicles for higher prices. Franklin needs money to buy a new vehicle, so he tries to get some from the locals. If you choose the latter option, be careful as most people in the game are after the cash you’re offering. When talking to locals, make sure you ask them if they have any spare parts before you attempt to steal them.


Grand theft auto is a fast and exciting way to complete the tasks featured in the game. It is one of the better narrative-driven games on the console and uses the opportunity to tell a good story instead of just copying previous games. Although the majority of the storyline is predictable, it considers a fun game to play. However, with a bit of work, you should avoid most of the scripted events and still complete the game.

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