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Last Day On Earth: Survival Game Review


Play Last Day on Earth: Survival

to play the role of only a single survivor in the zombie plague. While there might be other survivors, they too can only be on another world because all form of communication has been practically disabled. You are one of the few who has survived and is now left for survival. There is no way for you to run away from the zombies or find a way to help others. You will need to learn more about your survival and how to arm and heal yourself. This is just the first lesson.

You are given only eight hours to live during the game’s plot. If you do not survive, then eight hours will pass, and the game will be over. This makes Last Day in Earth: Survival more of a simulation than anything else. If you die during this time, then your game is over. No matter how many times you try to restart the game, you cannot win.

Players have a limited number of lives,

Once this time runs out, you will be forced to start all over again. Making the most out of this feature is vital as it helps to add a sense of realism as you learn about the environment you are in. Although the game is realistic, some people would consider it a bit unrealistic. Other players would view it as a smart idea, as it gives players something to strive for. Of course, this also depends on your ability as a player.

Each level is composed of four missions. These include protecting yourself, finding a way to defend yourself, and hunting down other survivors. You will definitely have to use your brains to complete these objectives. Some zombies will attack you have to make sure you kill them off before they reach you. This is where your skills as a survivor will come in handy as you have to determine the best way to attack the zombies attacking you.

Each level has several difficulties,

There is the basic level, which is easy and will make you more knowledgeable about what to do. You can also make use of the advanced mode, which makes things a bit more difficult. The Last Day On Earth: Survival is available in both iPhone and iPad versions and offers similar gameplay.

In the game, you must survive for two days. When the zombies are attacking you, you will need to find a way to fight back. Each level will have several objectives that must complete continuing. Although some of the objectives do not require any skill, you will still have to think on your feet to make it through the level. One way to help increase your chances of surviving is to find items around your location. Some can help you stay alive such as a can of drink or a band-aid.

The Last Day On Earth: Survival is free to play,

but it costs money to buy the more attractive features. It’s not a bad idea to purchase the premium version as it offers better graphics and provides better gameplay. For example, there is a leader board where you will compete with other survivors. You can make friends and send messages to each other. The premium version also allows you to find secret items that will increase your chances of surviving.


Despite the graphic images and the zombie sounds, this game is actually very relaxing and exciting. Many hidden features make it even more interesting, and you are sure to have a great time playing the game. The controls are simple enough that even a child can successfully play the game. Last Day On Earth: Survival is definitely one of the best games on Apple’s App Store, and it’s well worth the price to download.

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