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PUBG – Why You Should Opt For the Premium Membership


Is PUBG MOBILE free on mobile?

PUBG has become a big hit among mobile gamers in recent times. PUBG Mobile is basically an enhanced version of PUBG Classic, which thousands of people have downloaded. The new version has lots of exciting content and is considered one of the best games available in the Android Market today. However, does PUBG Mobile come free of cost? Well, here is the scoop.

PUBG Classic was released in 2021 and became popular in no time. It featured excellent graphics and excellent gun shooting physics. This paid off well, as it considers a premium title. If you were going to download PUBG Classic, you would have to pay for the premium version with hundreds of content. It’s a similar case with PUBG Mobile as well.

This makes PUBG Mobile a real premium app in the sense that you have to pay for it. However, it’s not a full-priced app. You only charged for the time it takes you to load the game fully. This will definitely cost you more than what you spent on downloading the original PUBG Classic. So yes, you will be charged for it, but if you think about the fact that you’ve already got to pay for the premium version, it should be more or less worth it.

As mentioned earlier,

PUBG Mobile is offered for free on mobile devices, but that doesn’t mean you can download it for free. You need to purchase the mobile application through the Google Play app. It works the same way with the other apps. You will need to enter your credit card details as well.

PUBG Mobile has several games to offer, but one of the most popular is the Island Defense. This is a simulation game where your mission is to protect the island by blasting away the enemies who want to occupy it. You will also have to save the island as well. This is a simple yet addictive game. Although you cannot seem to save the island, you will still enjoy the game by just playing the shooting part.

This game lets you play against the computer. If you lose a round, you have to replace it with a new one until you win it back. The goal is to shoot down all the enemy soldiers without losing stamina and health. You can always download PUBG Mobile for free, and that will get you access to the first five games on the App Store. However, you can always opt for the subscription package that costs $2.99 per month. This includes a wide range of games, and it also gives you gifts every month. Most importantly, it gets you the latest updates and newest PUBG Mobile devices. Subscribers also get to experience the first two games before anyone else.


Getting PUBG Mobile for free is not a bad idea, but using the premium membership service certainly is a smart move. With the premium membership, you will get to play PUBG Mobile for free, and you will also be able to watch the entire PUBG Mobile series all the time. You will also be able to have special offers and other benefits that you won’t get with the free version of the app. These are definitely good reasons to pay for the premium membership, and if you haven’t checked out what PUBG has to offer just yet, it’s about time you did.

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